Women’s Human Right’s Campaign – webinar on Surrogacy, featuring the Co-President of the International Coalition for the Abolition of Surrogate Motherhood.

For individual presentations see:

Marie Josèphe Devillers, France https://youtu.be/PKf00Q9g3No

Renate Klein, Australia – https://youtu.be/VZQuLoEwx6g

Ghislene Gendron, Canada https://youtu.be/jCV3bztTDlk

Maria Binetti, Argentina – https://youtu.be/DzoW0KnrnF8

European Network of Migrant Women ENoMW

In this webinar the speakers present the feminist analysis and positions on the global industry of reproductive exploitation, with a focus on European and Latin American regions, the legal attempt to normalise this form of discrimination against women.