“Surrogacy is a Human Rights Violation” ~ Renate Klein

We are a group of women from diverse backgrounds who are concerned at the proposals the UK Law Commission put forward in its 2019 consultation to reform UK law.

We have reviewed the consultation documents and three of our main concerns with the Law Commission’s proposals are:

  1. The removal of the legal rights of the Surrogate Mother at birth
  2. Moving to a commercial-style surrogacy model here in the UK
  3. Reducing the age of women considered for surrogacy to 18 years old

The language used to erase ‘mother‘ and to label women as ‘surrogates’ or ‘carriers‘ is concerning and also how ‘compensation’ and ‘expenses’ are words used to disguise what is a payment for the purchase of a child.

“I think all surrogacy should be banned. It’s buying and selling of children, the surrogate is not regarded as a human being…I have been classified as an incubator, I don’t have a name…I have been discussed as a ‘surrogate uterus’.”

~ Gail, Surrogate Mother of Twins for her Brother and his wife

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