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From Gary Powell European Special Consultation at Centre of BioEthics and The Bow Group in Lesbian and gay News on Why We Should Say No to Surrogacy

From Claire Fenton-Glynn Associate Professor at @CambridgeLaw on the BBC on Why The World Needs Better Rules for Selling Babies

From Grace Stark in Verily Magazine on Renting Wombs, Rending Hearts: The Dark Realities of Surrogacy

Ukraine’s Surrogacy Industry – during war and a global pandemic

It is estimated that around 2,500-3,000 surrogate-born babies per year. Here are just a handful of articles coverage of the Surrogacy Industry in Ukraine following the Russian Invasion.

80 surrogate-born babies have been born to one surrogacy agency since Russia invaded Ukraine

War Puts Spotlight on Surrogacy in Ukraine

During the Covid Pandemic news outlets exposed the surrogacy agency BioTexCom at the root of this shocking situation, where an estimated 100 newborn babies were being cared for in Hotels or ‘Baby Dens’. Commercial surrogacy in Ukraine is legal and cheap in comparison to other countries where it is also permitted.

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