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Urgent Action for UK Residents – please write to your MP to ask them to attend the parliamentary meeting on the 14th.


Action for Irish Residents – please consider writing to you TDs regarding the pending legislation on International Surrogacy. Here is a template letter. THIS ACTION IS NOW CLOSED. Legislation was passed and cross border surrogacy is permitted and parental rights recognised for those bringing in surrogate-born babies from overseas. Laws for domestic surrogacy arrangements have not been passed.

Please consider adding your name to the global petitions:

Stop Surrogacy Now – from the Centre of Bioethics

Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCCH)

Document for signature:


The First Latin America Manifesto Against Reproductive Exploitation:

Document – can be translated from Spanish to read before signing at the bottom

#StopSurrogacyNow: Add Your Name to the Petition

#StopSurrogacyNow: Add Your Name to the Petition